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Hacker Guide

No matter your experience in quantum tech or open source communities, you can help make quantum open source better (and get PAID!). This guide will help you understand more about the event and how you can make the most of it!

🗓️ Hacker Timeline 🗓️

  • ASAP: Sign up for unitaryHACK!
  • May 24th: unitaryHACK Q&Q event on Discord.
  • June 13th: Final day to submit your pull requests!
  • June 20th: Awardees finalized.

⌚ Before the Hack ⌚

REGISTER HERE! You'll need to be registered in order to recieve awards.

Brush up on your open source contribution skills

Review the tech

Whether you are new to quantum technologies or work on them every day, here is a good list of general quantum computing resources that might be helpful to learn with or brush up on:

🔨 During the Hack 🔨

Join the discord

The main place that will be most helpful to you while you hack is connecting with other hackers and maintainers on the Unitary Fund Discord. You can find folks from the Unitary Fund to ask about rules, as well as maintainers of the participating projects, and other hackers who might be able to lend a hand or team up (totally encouraged)!

Find a task to dive in on

Once you have found a project you want to work on, find an issue on that project you want to lend a hand on. This could be one of the special bountied issues (meaning if you submit a maintainer accepted solution for we will send you CASH), or any other issue on that repo. Pay special attention to issues tagged unitaryHACK as they are ones the project maintainers have flagged as particularly good for contest participants to tackle.

If you want to team up with other folks on an issue that you have found, you can make a comment on the Github issue. Even if you don't plan to team up, commenting on Github may help other hackers know if someone else is working on that issue (that's fine, but depending on the issue, only one pull request may be merged to solve an issue).

Make a pull request

Once you have a good solution to the issue, and have checked out the project's contributing guide (if they have one), you are ready to make your pull request! Check out the guides above if you are not familiar with git or GitHub, or if you run into issues making the contribution, just ask on the Unitary Fund discord!

If your pull request is accepted, in order for our bots to find it you'll need the project maintainers to assign the issue to you. If it's your first time contributing to the project, you'll need to comment on the issue in order to be "assignable".

🎉 After the Hack 🎉

If you claimed any bounties we will be in touch via email to coordinate payment, so please make sure you sign up so we can connect your GitHub username to your contact info!